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May 27

Don’t Miss our “Journey to the Center of Your Heart” Weekend!

What if you had a weekend to ponder your life’s journey? Where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going… And what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail!? Spend an adventurous weekend with the ladies of Whole Heart Ministries as we explore and examine our souls! Together, we will fight through …

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Jan 04

J.O.Y. Revival At Sandy Cove


Here are some photos of our fantastic J.O.Y. revival at Sandy Cove. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend at Sandy Cove where God’s touch was evident in the lives of many ladies! His tranforming power is alive and I pray that all revelations and reminder the Holy Spirit gave you over the Everlasting JOY …

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Jul 29

Two Minute Testimony – from Vol. 2, Issue 4 “God and Girlfriends”

by Lisa Margerum Through the years I have seen friends come and go, some remained right by my side while others turned from me like we were never even acquaintances. I have seen God work each relationship out. Sometimes it wasn’t until years later that I realized why God had sent me in a certain …

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Jul 28

In Her Heart, Vol. 2, Issue 4 “God and Girlfriends”

Table of Contents Blue+Red = Purple Pg. 4 Google God for the Recipe Pg. 6 The Truth Is Pg. 8 Point to Ponder Pg. 9 A True Friend Pg. 10 My Reflection Pg. 11 Two Minute Testimony Pg. 13 Heart to Heart Pg. 14 Women of Character Pg. 16 God and Girlfriends in Ministry Pg. …

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Mar 04

In Her Heart

In Her Heart Winter 2010

In Her Heart… a Christian woman’s magazine – is an inspired forum that has been created to reach the tender place of a woman’s heart. Each of us holds a collection of treasures; these treasures are life lessons. They are unique, yet when shared are common threads that weave the women of God together.

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