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May 06

What am I thinking?

What, What am I thinking? Ever wonder if you can figure God out? The Holy Spirit who is our teacher just revealed to me that I am constantly trying to figure God out. I guess if I had a defense, I would say, “But God…I am so excited to know what you will do next!” …

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Sep 19

Seen on Facebook: Morning Word Challenge John 8:11

john 8:11 whole heart ministries

This can take a lifetime of practice, however its worth saying practice makes perfect! I have learned the hard way it is not beneficial to know details just forgive and move forward. We people when tested and tried can all fall under sin, scriptures tell us there is no sin which is uncommon to man. …

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Aug 29

Seen On Facebook: Morning Word Challenge – Colossians 1:13

SFB Aug 25

Reply: I struggled for years when I first was saved fighting within side of myself the old man and new man. ( I still do, just not to the degree I did 20 years ago) It wasnt until I laid it all down, and truly was sick of myself and the battles t…hat I cried …

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Mar 01

The Morning Word

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We offer an email devotional called “The Morning Word”. It is an opportunity to set some time aside to reflect on God led, inspired scriptures and how we can apply them to our daily lives, minute by minute.