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Jul 02

Two Minute Testimony – “Thickets” from Vol. 3, Issue 2 “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

“Thickets” by Tricia Weeks My husband and I moved into a home that had a scraggily lawn and was cursed with thickets. If you stepped on them they would pierce your skin and make you bleed. We worked relentlessly pulling, bagging and hauling away those nasty thickets. Yet much to our dismay the thickets quickly …

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Mar 03

Speaking the Truth In Love

No matter what is set before us, no matter what cause we feel the need to join, if we are led by the Spirit it will be in love with the truth behind it!

Dec 30

I Am Not Ashamed

In today’s era of so many distractions of the faith, My Lord has brought this conclusion to me:

As for me and my house we will serve our Lord Jesus, that we will seek those things which are above and not of this earth. Did you know it wasn’t our job to “save” the world and its problems? Don’t get me wrong we can certainly add to the list and also take away but our main goal should be something entirely different according to the scriptures. These things must come to pass (Matt 24) remember we live in time God is in eternity.