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Jun 29

In Her Heart, Vol 2, Issue 3 “Who’s Leading The Way? You, Him, or God?”

Table of Contents Marriage According to God (Healthy Tips for Marriage) Pg. 4 Solomon’s Story Pt.II Pg. 6 My Prince Has Come Pg. 8 Two Minute Testimony Pg. 9 Staring at the Ceiling Pg. 10 The Truth Is Pg. 12 It All Started Out in Such a Fairytale Way Pg. 13 Point to Ponder Pg. …

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May 29

Vol. 3, Issue 2, bloom where you are planted

Table of Contents The Sweetest Vegetables I Ever Tasted Pg. 4 The Truth Is Pg. 6 The Master Gardener Pg. 7 Blooming in the Garden of Life Pg. 8 Point to Ponder Pg. 9 What Does it Mean to Bloom? Pg. 10 Two Minute Testimony – Thickets Pg. 11 The Fruit Bearing Tree Pg. 12 …

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May 29

In Her Heart Magazine – Vol 2, Issue 4 “God and Girlfriends”

Table of Contents Blue+Red = Purple Pg. 4 Google God for the Recipe Pg. 6 The Truth Is Pg. 8 Point to Ponder Pg. 9 A True Friend Pg. 10 My Reflection Pg. 11 Two Minute Testimony Pg. 13 Heart to Heart Pg. 14 Women of Character Pg. 16 God and Girlfriends in Ministry Pg. …

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Mar 04

In Her Heart

In Her Heart Winter 2010

In Her Heart… a Christian woman’s magazine – is an inspired forum that has been created to reach the tender place of a woman’s heart. Each of us holds a collection of treasures; these treasures are life lessons. They are unique, yet when shared are common threads that weave the women of God together.

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