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Aug 27

In Her Heart, Vol. 3, Issue 2 “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

Table of Contents The Sweetest Vegetables I Ever Tasted Pg. 4 The Truth Is Pg. 6 The Master Gardener Pg. 7 Blooming in the Garden of Life Pg. 8 Point to Ponder Pg. 9 What Does it Mean to Bloom? Pg. 10 Two Minute Testimony – Thickets Pg. 11 The Fruit Bearing Tree Pg. 12 …

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Jul 29

Two Minute Testimony – from Vol. 2, Issue 4 “God and Girlfriends”

by Lisa Margerum Through the years I have seen friends come and go, some remained right by my side while others turned from me like we were never even acquaintances. I have seen God work each relationship out. Sometimes it wasn’t until years later that I realized why God had sent me in a certain …

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Jul 28

In Her Heart, Vol. 2, Issue 4 “God and Girlfriends”

Table of Contents Blue+Red = Purple Pg. 4 Google God for the Recipe Pg. 6 The Truth Is Pg. 8 Point to Ponder Pg. 9 A True Friend Pg. 10 My Reflection Pg. 11 Two Minute Testimony Pg. 13 Heart to Heart Pg. 14 Women of Character Pg. 16 God and Girlfriends in Ministry Pg. …

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Jul 02

Two Minute Testimony – “Thickets” from Vol. 3, Issue 2 “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

“Thickets” by Tricia Weeks My husband and I moved into a home that had a scraggily lawn and was cursed with thickets. If you stepped on them they would pierce your skin and make you bleed. We worked relentlessly pulling, bagging and hauling away those nasty thickets. Yet much to our dismay the thickets quickly …

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Jun 30

Excerpt from “Marriage…According to God” – from Vol 2, Issue 3 “Who’s Leading The Way? You, Him, or God?”

Healthy Tips for Marriage: Following the C’s of Christ Understand marriage is a Commitment to a Covenant with God Communicate Well in order to dwell together peaceably Combat the enemy in the spiritual battle against you with the Word of God Have Compassion for one another Care for one another with Consideration Allow Conviction to …

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