Keys of a Whole Hearted Woman

A Whole Hearted Woman seeks to…


  • Love God more than ministry. Her worship and hunger for Him comes before our activity for Him. Ministry is not God but is an extension of His work. It is a privilege to exercise service to Him, not a means to build a relationship with Him. She studies His word and seeks guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit through prayer, and fasting.


  • Love, honor, and enrich the life of her husband. She encourages and supports his leadership within his family and his church
  • Share her life lessons through investing in the lives of women and mentoring them with biblical principles. She relies on the wisdom and power of God’s Word to coach and encourage them in their personal walk.


  • Be faithful to the things she has been set over in her home, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.


  • Help those in need by demonstrating the love of Jesus to them, meeting each person where she is.


  • Be obedient to her calling and fulfill the will of the Father for her life. She encourages others to do so as well, which raises up other believers.She prays that the Holy Spirit will empower the lives of others through her story, song, or writing.


At Whole Heart Ministries, we believe in a TEAM effort to achieve the goals for the Kingdom as we cannot do them alone.


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