Jun 10

The power of a prophet’s words…



JUNE 10, 2013


And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him. And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against; (Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. (Luke 2:33-35 KJV)

God brought me back to this passage that we mentioned awhile back. Can you imagine starting your life off with such controversy? Mary is pregnant out of wedlock by the Holy Spirit, Joseph has to hide her, they have nowhere to live, they travel by donkey, there is no room in the in. Where are their family members? Who cares for them? Who is encouraging them? Mary is told by an angel she would bring forth a son. She knows God told her something amazing, but no one else can share in this gift with her, they are alone and waiting on God literally day by day for the awaited gift.

They run into Simeon and he blesses them, he is a prophet of God and speaks truth and blessing over them and baby Jesus. He tells her Jesus is the gift they all have been waiting for, Simeon affirms them in their walk with God and God’s plans for them. Then he tells them something so incredibly disturbing to a mother’s heart; this child is set for the fall and rising again of many and the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.

Can you image hearing your son will have this kind of power and that some would fall because of him. We always want the part where many will rise, the part of the blessing that tells us of what great things will come according to our own intellect, don’t we? Yet, this blessing is one that holds the truth and power of God’s plan and God shared it with Simeon to share with Mary and Joseph. She will be a mother than knows ahead of time; it is going to get tough. The last part of his word to them is that hearts of many will be revealed. She will come to see how many who she thought would have supported her have actually rejected her and her son with his calling. Things will seem very unfair, unjust, backwards, upside down, and quite frankly just plain wrong.

God has a way of doing this with all of us, doesn’t He? Have we ever had God tell us what He wanted of us, compel us, direct us into His plan? Have we ever had someone out of NOWHERE give us a Word that confirms what God told us in secret and they don’t know us or anything about it? Have we experienced as we have followed after what God has told us, the road got harder…people rejected the idea or plan, and even thou it may have seem good to us, others didn’t find it so?

God is in the miracle business. God spoke to Simeon and Anna. They were both considered prophets. Prophets that did not foretell the future, but affirm God’s plan for them for an encouragement. God sent hands and feet to love on those who had an assignment straight from heaven.

Today, you and I have assignments…straight from heaven! Today, you and I may be in hard places, all have left us, no one understands us as we follow after God, and then…God sends a prophet…someone with an encouraging word from out of nowhere and affirms you to continue in what you are doing, just as you are doing it, no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Isn’t it true?! Rejection is a form of protection, to keep us focused on the task ahead. He never wants us to waiver. Could we imagine if Mary heard this news that times would be devastating for their future and ran away and hid her and Jesus in a cave for life? We must press on despite the rejection, despite that many will fall because of us; we must focus on those that will rise. I say that meaning those that fall, where not for God…If we house the living God and others fall it may be they are not resonating with the same Spirit in us, or God has a different plan for them.

Stay true to the course God has put you on. There was only one Mary, one Jesus…there is only one you! What amazing plans does God have divinely assigned to just YOU!? If you are confused or wavering…ask Him to send a Word of affirmation to you, He will! Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t all sound like a picnic in the park; it may be more like guns and roses. LOL. There is power in the Words of God and who He desires to speak them through. Always try the spirits the Scriptures tell us, however if they resonate with you, because God has already told you, you will definitely know it is But God that sent you a Word of encouragement for you to keep pressing forward, despite how illogical it may seem!

Guard your heart, not only against sin and strongholds…guard your heart from good intentional people who think they know more than God. God will affirm you and confirm you as you seek Him above all things and stay proactive and intentional serving Him and Him alone! To all the Simeon’s and Anna’s out there…thank you for your obedience to share a Word from the Lord!

With much love for the brethren~


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