Jun 01

Facebook fonies fear…

God has created us as spirits, we are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. He breathed life into Adam, our spirits will be caught up with Him in the heavenlies. We communicate with Him through the Holy Spirit and our spirit. All this to say, God has created us to communicate with others spirit to spirit.

The enemy is out to destroy, kill, and annilahate. Facebook is one of those destructive means. I know this will not be popular with most, however, if your honest within yourselves I think you will agree.

The very fact that most people who do NOT engage in creating relationships face to face or have insecurity issues, or the list of our internal struggles can be endless to name…hide behind facebook as their means to not have to deal with their own sin.

Shocking! Yes. IT is easy to hide behind a computer, interact with what would appear to be a happy engaging person, all the while that person is miserable, unhappy, and insecure within themselves and every post they read torments them…yes I have talked with many of them…some have even given it up…Praise God!

I am not sure how FB can be healthy AT ALL. Email is just as easy to use and its private. Do we really need to know you making cookies, folding laundry, eating a steak for dinner or watching your favorite reality show? REALLY???? I find this as a personal trap for many…many…and the FB issues are in divorce court, according to ABC 1/3 of divorces has FB listed as one of their means to file!

Just because technology is available doesnt mean it has to be used. We truly must be careful where we engage ourselves in the world.

There are so many “debates” on FB about Christianity and what God “thinks” christians arent even understanding the negative tone it gives to non believers as they read the fighting and bickering that goes on in the name of JESUS…I can tell you this…JESUS didnt create FB, He doesnt need it. He is ABLE to do life just fine without the almighty FB.

Now I know some of you will say, well I found so and so, and I now can keep in touch with this lost loved one or that new found friend. Pick up the phone, send a letter…we dont need to let the world know or “think” we have 1000 friends and look this one talks to me…I am friends with this one…I know, the other is, it is a tool to witness, I tell the world about Jesus…save it…do you evangelize in person…spirit to spirit…investing in someone’s “real life?”

All tho their are a “few” healthy people who can handle FB, the rest of the world cannot. FB is a stumbling block, period. Too many people have insecurities, secretively stalk others, and truly have issues over what would appear to be jealousy of others interactions. Stalking others on FB is NO different than….

Gee, I wonder what “he” or “she” is doing let me drive by their house, let me hide my car and go peak in their mailbox to see who is in contact with them, let me plug into their phone line to listen to their phone conversations…let me hide in their house and see who comes over…it is NO different.

Do we really need to know what a million other people are doing?

HERE IS THE WORST PART FOR FB FONIES AND THOSE WHO ARE OBESSED…you have allowed your life to be taken over by a computer. You have to check the moment you wake up, you  are on countless times during the day and you say goodnite to before you go to bed. REALLY!!!
Time is a commodity with our loved ones and we spend more time on FB than we do with our kids.

I have women who are climbing an uphill battle out of FB all for what reason. The lust of the eyes, the pride of life, and the idol of obsessing over others.

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