Sep 06

We are BACK!!!!!!

Well it has been a long time since we connected! February 20Th my husband was in an accident at work, a tree limb fell on his head…8 days in trauma unit…6 months recovery…God is great!!!

I took a sabbatical from the computer as much as possible to be there for my family. There are times when we must recognize that God is asking us to refocus our priorities as they will change from season to season…so I paused from outward ministry and shifted my attention to full time inward ministry and just loved on my kids for the summer!!! They have been through a lot over the years…and…we just keep on looking forward and healing together as a family…God is AMAZING!!!

As we look ahead, 2011 is near its end, and 2012 is busting to begin. We pray we will finish out the last quarter of 2011 strong and bold for Jesus! The Morning Word will be returning, with some great new insights from the Holy Spirit himself! We have our JOY REVIVAL conference at Sandy Cove in North East MD> next month; saddling back up for women’s Bible Study: Digging Deeper Examining the Heart of a Woman; and a morning disciple class from the book: Praying in the Power of the Holy Spirit by Neil Armstrong. Birds of a feather pray together!!! pray hard and long for your sisters…keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out! Eph 6:18

Danielle is facilitating her second book club you can catch her on WHM Face Book, if looking to connect with a great group of women pursuing Jesus!

Lots of exciting opportunities to reach out and connect to women and to point them to JESUS as we all need encouragement and exhortation! Amen!

Ok, just wanted to update you all and say thank you for your prayers, support, and understanding through our season of rest! SHALOM!

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