Apr 29

Where Am I?

Where am I?

I live on a planet called earth that God spoke into existence. God clearly has made it known to his people this place is not our home. He has gone to prepare above the celestial stream of brilliant star lights that brighten the sky a mansion for me just over the hilltop.

I am but a sojourner just passing through. I am not a human being on a spiritual journey but a spiritual being on a human journey. I am not to get comfortable and settled in, as one day I am here and the next day I am there. But why, oh why have I become fond of the things that are not mine? Why have I allowed the distractions of possessions, places, and people to shift my focus horizontally rather than vertically?

The more we have, the busier we are. The things we own need caring for, cleaning, organizing, storing, and of course playing or using them for their intended purpose to bring us happiness, contentment or pleasure.

How did it happen? Where am I and how have I been born into a place that I would only be passing through. Have I kept my God given purpose or have I become distracted? I enjoy my house that I have come to call home, which is not my home but is. I am content with where I live and what I live in. Think of the multitudes that live on this planet all in boxes called houses. When we look at earth from a distance in space they are just a lot of little boxes, made of wood and dust filled with lots of junk or should I say belongings that keep us busy. Yet we idolized or worship or work to serve our houses.

If that wasn’t enough to wonder where am I, here on earth I have become comfortable with the people I enjoy, the church I attend, the friends that I keep on this planet of a world I call home that really isn’t my home, because again I am just supposing to be passing through. Yet I have these attachments and relationships that I have put before God on a daily basis, knowing this isn’t my home.

If I am just passing through, does it appear to others, I have settled in?
All this to say, so often I forget where I am. I am not home, and as I travel on this journey called life I have found I have collected many unnecessary things I cant take with me. They have distracted me, they have decreased my attentiveness and stewardship for the things of where I need to be going. I have created idols, coveted relationships and desired the places that earth has to offer.

Have I forgotten where I am? I am on an exciting journey, a mission as an ambassador for Jesus Christ going through this country that should not be for my own personal enjoyment, pleasure, and comfort, but for the cause and purpose of Jesus Christ. I have not only forgotten where I am, who I am, but forgot not to let the cares of this world distract me from my calling and fulfilling what I have been created to do, and that is to glorify my Father which is in Heaven.

Praise God, Jesus stayed focused…Paul stayed focused to the point they didn’t let people interfere with their mission, places didn’t faze them and things didn’t hold them back or down from travels. They got where the needed to go and didn’t let anything or anyone come in their way from being obedient to our heavenly Father.

Why do I constantly forget where I am. May I continue to take the earth as a layover for training if you would, proving what I cherish, prioritize, and sacrifice in the name of Jesus. May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord, the abandonment of myself and the intake of heavenly things.

May I leave an imprint on this earth that impacts the kingdom of God and not the other way around having the earth leave its imprint on me.

May we know where we are at all times…just passing through this world that is not our home. Let us not get bogged down with the things of this world and the distractions of our mission. May God be glorified! The scriptures tell us in Col 3 to set our affections on things above and not on the things of this earth. God help me to constantly remember not to adopt anything of this world as my own and help me not to be comfortable seeking pleasures of life more than loving you. I love you Jesus!

And I desire to be intentional on protecting our relationship, Jesus and remembering Where I am and Where I am going!!!

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