Aug 15

Seen On Facebook: The World Is Debating That Christianity Has Failed

Reply: Why is it when something doesnt go our way we immediately have to play the blame game? All the while you still haven’t found what you’re looking for.  Could it be that rather than seeking “things,” “people,” or “community,” we should be seeking Jesus Himself.  Do not critize the Lord of the Universe because a “church” or group of people who play church have hurt you or haven’t met your expectations.

Too many people are trying to find a “new way” to do church. Mostly, for the money, sell more books, create new experiences to play on one’s senses and the idology of self tries to continue to sell us.

Could it be that the simplicity in our faith doesnt come from a building, the people in the building, nor programs, new featured Bible studies, or even the latest fad on what it should look like? Remember, I can put a car in a barn, and it doesn’t make it a horse. I can wear scrubs and walk into a doctor’s office and it doesnt make me a doctor any more than you walking into a church and expecting the people to be Christians.

Has it occured to the majority that so many are hurting and seeking as well?  But somewhere in time, MAN twisted theology, had an agenda and with personal motive moved out to create self theology and sold it to the church.

If I may suggest that the enemy satan himself is having a field day dividing, destroying and manipulating so many good people who just arent grounded in the truth. What if we all got together and instead of fighting ourselves and complaining about “christianity” we came together, locked elbows and went up against division! Scriptures are clear, we wrestle not with flesh and blood, however Bible phd’ers somehow forget that one, I guess.

May the true Body of Christ be passionate to stand and speak the truth in love without all the new innovative ways to draw people in. The Holy Spirit was in charge the last time I read the scriptures. Why do we manipulate God’s plan? Let us just be still, resting in Him and obedient the moment He calls. Try the spirits, God does not go against himself, a house divided cannot stand.

Ok, now that I got all that out please know I am not interested in debating, I am confidently convinced in my personal relationship that God is well, just that – God. Let us use positive energy rather than all this negativity to seek the simplicity of the needs of others through the simplicity of the Gospel. That means we come to realize life isn’t about us at all, it’s all about Him. Trust in His sovereignty and hide in His presence where the fulness of joy is! May we all love the Lord with all of our heart soul and mind and love each other as ourselves. Be blessed and trust only in Jesus, as man will fail us, I will fail you, you will fail me and ya know what its ok. Grace, Grace, Grace!!! Love to all~

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