Aug 29

Seen On Facebook: Morning Word Challenge – Colossians 1:13

Reply: I struggled for years when I first was saved fighting within side of myself the old man and new man. ( I still do, just not to the degree I did 20 years ago) It wasnt until I laid it all down, and truly was sick of myself and the battles t…hat I cried out, “Lord if your scriptures are true give me freedom, I BELIEVE, I cannot do this anymore on my own.” I fell to my knees and sobbed and from then on it was as if everytime I was hit with darkness, He allowed me to identify immediately, (say to myself, this is not of God) and tear it down and verbalize satan get behind me. I just plain would not receive it.(Where before I would wrestle with it for days, and weeks, and who knows maybe even months!)

Now just like Jesus in the wilderness, He recited scripture but satan continued for three times. Its a process but if we endure, we are promised he will leave!

Today can be the day you are released from darkness! Going back to Col1:9-12 pray that you might be filled with the knowlege of his will in ALL wisdom and spiritual understanding: that you walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in EVERY good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with ALL might according to his glorious power, to ALL patience and longsuffering WITH joyfulness; giving thanks unto the Father, which has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints IN light

You may read this and it sound impossible, it is….unless you are IN Christ. We cannot fill ourselves we cannot obtain ALL wisdom on our own, we certainly cannot walk worthy unto ALL pleasing him, nor if we look at all our works has it all been fruitful? No and of course at least for me I cannot say I have ALL patience or longsuffering with JOY.

Wanna know why? We try to do it in our own strength. I will share I have experienced the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit manifesting himself through me to see a glimpse, just a glimpse of this come true. It is when I have fully believed with all authority in Jesus, because I knew I could not. Weighing the evidence of our fruit will be the kicker!

Give up the old man, and know you cannot add one hair to your head, one hour to your life, one thought of goodness to your mind. We must be completely and utterly desperate and abandoned for Jesus and He alone can do the remarkable in us. In Christ Alone, In..In.. apart from Him you can do nothing. Believe God with all ya got for all its worth to you!! Do you want it? Then get IN CHRIST its that simple ::)) be Blessed!

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1 comment

  1. john


    Beloved reader, peruse this little treatise with a humble, sincere and
    candid spirit, and not with an inclination to cavil and criticize, and
    you will not fail to reap some degree of profit from it. It was written
    with a hearty desire that you might wholly devote yourself to God;
    receive it, then, with a like desire for your own perfection: for
    nothing more is intended by it than to invite the simple and child-like
    to approach their Father, who delights in the humble confidence of His
    children, and is grieved at the smallest instance of their diffidence
    or distrust. With a sincere desire, therefore, to forsake sin, seek
    nothing from the unpretending method here proposed but the Love of God,
    and you shall undoubtedly obtain it.

    Without setting up our opinions above those of others, we mean only,
    with truth and candour, to declare, from our own experience and the
    experience of others, the happy effects produced by thus Simply
    Following our Lord.

    As this treatise was intended only to instruct in Prayer, there are
    many things which we respect and esteem, totally omitted, as not
    immediately relative to our main subject: it is, however, certain, that
    nothing will be found herein to offend, provided it be read in the
    spirit with which it was written; and it is still more certain, that
    those who in right earnest make trial of the way, will find we have
    written the Truth.

    It is Thou alone, O Holy Jesus, who lovest simplicity and innocence,
    “and whose delight is to dwell with the children of men” (Prov. viii.
    31), with those who are, indeed, willing to become “little children”;
    it is Thou alone, who canst render this little work of any value by
    imprinting it on the hearts of all who read it, and leading them to
    seek Thee within themselves, where Thou reposest as in the manger,
    waiting to receive proofs of their love, and to give them testimony of
    Thine. Yet alas! They may still lose these unspeakable advantages by
    their negligence and insensibility! But it belongeth unto Thee, O thou
    Uncreated Love! Thou Silent and Eternal Word! it belongeth unto Thee,
    to awaken, attract, and convert; to make Thyself be heard, tasted, and
    beloved! I know Thou canst do it, and I trust Thou wilt do it by this
    humble work which belongeth entirely to Thee, proceedeth wholly from
    Thee, and tendeth only to Thee! And, O most Gracious and adorable

    To Thee be all the Glory!

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