Jun 25

Our Mission and Ministry

Whole Heart Ministries, Inc.

The Women of Whole Heart Ministries are committed to serving women. We have a team of 5 ladies in which we speak at conferences, workshops, or special ladies events. We also have two God gifted women on our team to lead Worship and do special events with the praises of their voices. It is our passion to share the truths that will set women free. We also have many that volunteer their time to serve God through WHM. They contribute their time and resources to assist us in the completion of the magazine and preparations for outreach!

Our subsidiaries for ministry outreach are:

In Her Heart… a Christian woman’s magazine
is an inspired forum that has been created to reach the tender place of a woman’s heart.
Each of us holds a collection of treasures; these treasures are life lessons. They are unique,
yet when shared are common threads that weave the women of God together.

In Her Heart… Inspirational Gatherings
Are you a woman today wondering how to stay hopeful in an uncertain world? Looking to grow personally? Tired of running on empty? Needing to be inspired? If you are looking for change, look no further. Our women at WHM desire to share their story of hope, true love, joy, and peace. Revealing what exactly is In Her Heart… Our mission is to inspire you to focus on what really matters! We bring In Her Heart… magazine to life and deliver the Truth that will set you free.

Whole Heart Evening: “Sharing Hearts”
A Whole Heart evening out to support and encourage our sisters who are called to share their Testimonies or “God Stories.”
Coming before a group of women to share is more than just to tell a story. A woman who is obedient to the call of God will examine her heart and allow God to prove her. She will walk in integrity, desiring to show that God is not only real in her life but He works when we fully believe and trust in Him. She will not get caught up with vain persons and those who cause division. When she allows her voice to be an instrument of the Lord she understands she is representing Jesus Christ and honors His reputation. She is being led to minister to others and takes that responsibility very seriously.

scriptural verses we are committed to:

Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide. Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth. I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers. I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked. I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O LORD: That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes. But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me. My foot standeth in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the LORD. (Psalms 26:1-12 KJV)

Is a part of our heartfelt ministry that desires to encourage or coach you in your personal walk with Christ. The concept is accepting and applying basic Biblical principles to all that you think and do. When we run the race for God, it’s important to prepare and train for the endurance that is needed to cross the finish line!

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